First e-van delivered!

First e-van delivered!

The aim of the EUFAL project is to provide knowledge about electromobility in urban freight transportation. To do so, a number of demonstration projects will be run in each of the project partner countries. In Denmark, we will demonstrate how electric vehicles can be used for the routing of technicians within the Greater Copenhagen Area. The case-study will not only analyze the suitability of the vehicle in terms of driving range, but it will also test the if the current charging infrastructure can be utilized when the vehicles are not charged in the depot. Differently than many electromobility settings, the technicians will not leave the vehicle at a central depot, and thus will have to rely on the national infrastructure.

The demonstration will be run by M.T. Højgaard, one of the Nordic region’s leading construction and civil engineering companies, while the analysis work will be performed by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The demonstration will feature a twin setup where drivers with comparable tasks will be using both conventional and electric vehicles. Data from both vehicles will be collected and used to produce a cost and environmental impact analysis.

The first of the electric vehicles has now been delivered; a Renault Kangoo with a 33 Kwh battery. The vehicle, and the EUFAL project, was show-cased in one of M.T. Hjøgaard’s company events. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting demonstration.

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