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DTU Management Engineering

DTU Management Engineering is an institute of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), with expertise in system analysis, system design, operations research, sustainability analysis, technology and innovation management and transport. The department consists of about 300 researchers, including PhD students

Transport DTU is a cross departmental centre located at DTU Management Engineering. The Centre is hosting Centre for railways, Centre for maritime and Centre for data and modelling. The Transport DTU centre works in a cross disciplinary field of transport including economics, optimization, modelling, safety, mobility and ITS among other fields. Within the research fields Transport DTU carries out academic research, applied research besides working with innovation, consultancy services and communication of know-how with a view to making the results of research and development available for practical exploitation.

The centre has a broad research basis, and activities are planned with special focus on the inter- disciplinary aspects of transport challenges. The researchers participate actively in national and international (including EU) research co-operation and in its coordination.

In addition the transport researchers at DTU participate actively in the education and training of future researchers, for instance, by employing PhD students.

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Copenhagen Electric

Copenhagen Electric (CPH-E) is a part of the Capital Region of Denmark and is a central contact point for e-Mobility in the region. CPH-E has initiated three electric vehicle partnerships with 37 public enterprises and 38 private businesses. CPH-E gathers expertise from authorities, business, science, and political communities. CPH-E gathers partners for regional, national and international projects, facilitates projects, and promotes activities that support the deployment of electric vehicles.

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