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Maritime University of Szczecin

The Faculty of Economics and Transport Engineering at the public technical university is divided into three fields of studies: production management & engineering, logistics and transport. Scientific research comprises for example logistics (including city logistics, especially focused on environmental impact of urban freight transport systems as well as the city-port interdependencies), management, transport and logistics systems functioning, utilization of telematics and intelligent systems in transport.

The Faculty cooperates with a number of institutions such as the City Logistics Institute from Kyoto, Institute of Transport Economics from Oslo, Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Institute, Saint-Petersburg State University for Water Communications, Swedish Maritime Administration, Verein zur Foerderung des Oderstromgebietes in Berlin, British Waterways, WAT Military University of Technology, Poznan University of Economics, Cracow University of Economics, Central Institute of Work Protection.

Contact: Stanisław Iwan (s.iwan@am.szczecin.pl)

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